Ephrem Solomon

Ephrem Solomon was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1983, and developed an interest in art early in his life. He is largely occupied by the world around him; the city of Addis Ababa, its people, places, spaces and nature.

Various objects such as the signature chair and slippers are incorporated as a reflection on broader political and social issues. The stool or chair historically in Africa indicates status, power and succession of chiefs and kings. It is interesting therefore that Solomon chooses to use the chair as a focal image and as a representation of his views on the Ethiopian government.

"My works portrait the distance between what the governed people needs and wants and what is the response to them from the governors, and I have tried to picture as precisely as possible the actual and innocent feeling of the governed," Solomon explains. "In a world where newness has become a value in and of itself, I am more moved by the compliment that what I am doing technically feels like something from the past, while embodying something that is currently relevant".

Solomon's works initially seem highly representative and this is a part of the creation of his works that Solomon sees as being integral to his style. However in the choice of his composition or subject matter comes the sub conscience discussion that portrays his views and thoughts of his social and political surroundings.


Ephrem Solomon

Selected Exhibitions

Group Exhibition 2nd International Biennial of painters and sculptors (Croatia)

Group Exhibition at Entoto TVET College

Fine-art workshop Entoto TVET College

Group Exhibition at Nairobi Goethe-institute
Group Exhibition at Nairobi Alliance Francaise

Group Exhibition at Addis Ababa city hale

Group Exhibition at Russian center for science & culture
Wasanii Interantional Workshop ( Nairobi) 2011. FANA WOGI
Modern Art Museum/ Gebre Kirstos Desta Center Addis Ababa University
The United States of America embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Four Freedoms Art competition)

Fine-art workshop Entoto TVET College