Michael Soi

Michael Soi uses a bold primary focused palette that forms highly stylised cartoon figures on his canvas. The vibrancy of his work pulls the viewer in, made using charcoal outlines filled in with acrylic paint Soi occasionally uses collage to pull focus to themes in his work. Only once the initial impact of his work is processed do we start to absorb narratives that examine taboo subjects such as prostitution and political corruption within Kenyan society. The disparity between the style of Soi’s work and his chosen subject matter is perhaps the most challenging incongruity of his work.

Soi is a great documenter of Kenyan life, drawing us in with wit. His work takes from the great tradition of Kenyan satirists who have dissected Kenyan society since its independence. Soi makes stealthy comments about injustices and hypocrisies in both Kenya’s social and political landscape.

Soi has exhibited in Group shows in Kenya, Austria, South Africa, the U.S.A. and the U.K. and has had numerous one man shows in Nairobi, Kenya. His works are in various private and corporate collections including that of Standard Chartered Bank.


Michael Soi

Selected Exhibitions

March – The Face of Nairobi, Goethe Institut, Nairobi

September – Come Baby Come, National Museum's Creativity Gallery, Nairobi
July – Gentleman's Club, 16 Rosslyn lone tree, Nairobi

September – Politics, Prostitution, Strip joints and other things, Alliance Francaise, Nairobi

Inmates, Group show, RaMoMA, Nairobi

South African National Gallery
Women Celebrations, Group exhibition, French Cultural and Cooperation Center

Spirit of Friendship, Midlands Art Center

Inner Space, Blue Rhino

Contemporary Kenyan Art, Group exhibition
Wasanii 2000, Group exhibition, Nairobi Museum

Best of Kuona, Group exhibition, Nairobi Museum
Kenya Museum Arts Festival, Group exhibition, Nairobi Museum

Ashes, French Cultural and Cooperation Centre
Complicated Socialization, Goethe Institute×