Damilola Odusote

Damilola studied a Foundation course before graduating on a 3 year BA hons illustration course at Camberwell College of Arts. By year 2 of his degree, he started to shape his own “Black and White Fine Line” illustrative style whilst still trying to incorporate graphics and colours.

Damilola has contextualised his abstract paintings through illustration, unconsciously letting the illustrations grow organically. The illustration course has led him to merge the blurred lines between graphic design, illustration and fine art. Damilola’s approach to the designs and figures in his works is reminiscent of the loose stream of concessions beatnik poets such as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg impart in their writing. There is a spontaneous flow to his illustrations that documents a range of different subjects, interactions and experiences. In contrast to the spontaneity of his subject matter the technique and application of his work couldn’t be more stringent, using graphics pens to give the utmost control on challenging surfaces such as metal, wood, canvas and card. With all his work, his ideas originate from his sketch-book. Damilola is intrigues by angles, textures, outlines, 3D shapes and parallels, which can be seen throughout his work.

Damilola takes current political and cultural issues covered by popular news channels into his work both consciously and subconsciously. He feels strongly towards the way stories are portrayed in the media. These themes can be seen specifically in the illustrations that tend to tackle more political and cultural issues whilst retaining a slight comical sense. Through all of his work, Damilola provokes a reaction through the ambiguity in his work. He encourages people to read between the lines and come to their own conclusions, rather than being spoon fed.

Damilola’s art is a visual language that surpasses all cultural and linguistic barriers. It urges you to through chaos and to think for yourself.


Damilola Odusote

Selected Exhibitions

Browns Grey Area, London
Breaking Point exhibition at Supper Club, London
Arancina, London
Parallax Art Fair, London
The Other Art Fair, London

Showcase London, June
Debut Contemporary London Olympic Exhibition
Notting Hill 2012 Exhibition
Exhibit Exhibition, Harrow Arts Centre
Debut Contemporary November The Art Dinner
Showcase London, October

Contemporary Group Exhibition, Dolphin Square, Pimlico, London
Flash Gallery Solo Exhibition, Soho, London W2
Red Group Exhibition, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
Blue Group Exhibition, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
Edisyon Group Exhibition, Edisyon Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
FineLine Solo Exhibition, Elephant Hotel Gallery, Elephant and Castle, London

Pride London Exhibition "Rough and Dandy", 10 Gales Gallery, Bethnal Green, London
Twisted & Screwed Solo show, London, 10 Gales, Bethnal Green, London
The Next Generation ArtBox Auction Group Show, London Miles Gallery, Westbourne Studios


Portrait commission, Norway
Flag Artwork, Olly Murs, Brits 2012

Self Portrait, Marrakesh
TFL illustrated, London
Flag Artwork, The Sugababes, T4 on the Beach
Mural, Eat 17 Restaurant, London
Marilyn Monroe portrait, London
Piano, City of London
John Lenon Portrait
Erykah Badu Paintings on card

1st Class, Canada
Tfl, Canada
Ski, Cananda
Her Stare, Norway
Female Form, Norway

Four Seasons, London

Bachelor of Arts in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts