David ‘Jaa’ Munyua

Jaa developed his talent through enveloping himself in the Kenyan art scene observing and communicating with some of Kenya’s most seminal and respected artist. He was given his first palette knife by prominent Kenyan artist Meek Gichuku, who directed him and gave Jaa his first lessons in painting techniques.

In time he developed a distinctive style his characters, usually women, are very round-faced, and usually exhibit a subtle, often radiating emotion. His work is defined by his strong well defined colours. Jaa preserves the traditions found in the countryside; his images serve as a resource of Kenya's visual history. His works centre on love and African traditions.

Like most East African Artists, Jaa is largely self-taught but is one of the few to have lived solely on the income generated by his art.

Jaa first rose to prominence in 1998 when he exhibited in Germany at the Museum Volker Kunde. Often seen in pairs, Jana’s paintings have developed popularity not only internationally but also in his native Nairobi.

Jaa currently lives and works in Thika, Kenya.